vrijdag 13 mei 2011

Who Are They?

The Heiloo Group of Synthesis is a well established group(conciousness) of around 24 students. working for more than 16 years now synthetic and inclusive, meeting twice on a weekly base, towards and with the zodical meditations 'individually' and together as a group, working with advanced esoteric healing, meditation, translating, etc.

Endedited dutch translation of Alan Hopkings 'Esoteric Healing - a practical guide based on the teachings of the Tibetan in the works of Alice Bailey' 363 pages, isbn 1-57733-162-1.
Present 'projects':

*Currently translating Occ Docs, Bruce Lyon's Occult Cosmology, 323 pages isbn 978-0-473-18065-2 in Dutch,

translation of Bruce's book about Agni Yoga (the most thorougly, deep and wise available) planned - for use in the group itself. 

*Facilitating Alan Hopkings Advanced Esoteric Healing weekendcourses in Heiloo Holland since 2004 open to those who Resonate with it.

Next Weekendcourse: 19,20 november 2011. 10 - 1700h, contribution for your participation is 140 euro's as a minimum, more is appreciated. Info and participation: tel. 0031654740048.

*Facilitating Stephen Pugh's Esoteric and Monadic Astrology work and elaborations on superimpositions of personality,soul and monadic charts-, and first and second phase (soulpurpose/monadicpurpose) in the ZM's (zodiacal meditations) individually and as groupmember; as weekendcourse with individual consultations as possibility, in Heiloo Holland. 

Next Weekendcourse: 8,9 october 2011. 10 -1700h, contribution for your participation is 120 euro's as a minimum, more is appreciated.. All who resonate, very welcome. No substantial personal or esoteric astrological knowledge needed. Individual consultations on soulpurpose, superimposition, 
lifephase, etc. on 10,11,12 october. Info and participation: 0031654740048.

*Facilitating since 2009 Full Moon meditation meetings (AS) with third phase dimension in Heiloo Holland. Info and participation: 0031654740048.

Currently we operate as a small one man-business on the basis of non-economical motives. If you want to share and support us, we invite you to 
donate by paypal - centrumheiloo@gmail.com.

We serve humanity and facilitate, and we evaluate our prosperity in terms of brotherhood- to resonate in recognition together, to share together, to work together, so that peace will prevail. Synthesis that IS, the Life or Shamballa-aspect is what we live for, unity has to be brought about. 

'May your soul that dwells ever in the Light Eternal be united by devout meditation with the Spirit supremely blessed and supremely intelligent'
'Lokah samastha sukhino bhavantu'